Labor Day Celebrations in Addison with Addison Town Center

In case you’ve forgotten, Labor Day weekend, 2018 is right around the corner! This Labor Day is September 3, so it’ll be here before you know it so why not start thinking about your Labor Day Celebration plans! You can celebrate at home or go somewhere special. Here are just a few ideas for your Labor Day celebrations in Addison Town Center:

A Backyard Get-Together with Family or Friends

One way to enjoy Labor Day is to just do it low-key and easy style, stay at home, and invite family or some of your favorite friends over. You can get all the fresh food at adult beverages that you’ll need at Addison Town Center’s KrogerFrom fresh seafood and meat, cheeses and sushi to bakery items and an outstanding wine and beer dept. You can get everything you need to enjoy a fabulous backyard get-together in celebration of Labor Day 2018!

Enjoy a Dinner Out

Another great way to enjoy the Labor Day festivities is to have a nice dinner out with your family or significant other. There are quite a few great restaurants to choose from at Addison Town Center. It’ll come down to what exactly you’re in the mood for. From delicious Chinese cuisine at New New Buffet to Schlotzky’s, Addison Town Center has something for everyone. 

Cool Off With Some Frozen Yogurt

If you think you might want to add some frozen yogurt to your Labor Day Celebration, then you’re going to have to swing by sweetFrog Frozen YogurtThey’ve got every flavor you can think of from Apple Pie and Country Vanilla to Graham Cracker and New York Cheesecake! You can eat it there or bring it with you! Remember sweetFrog Frozen Yogurt if you’re wanting some great tasting fresh frozen yogurt!

Whatever you plan to do on Labor Day, 2018, we hope you stay safe and enjoy your time off! Please feel free to contact us if there’s anything else we can help you with and we look forward to seeing you soon at Addison Town Center!

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